Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick and Easy Screen Door Repair

Sneak peek.

The kids picked flowers from the neighbours fence , it is bursting with flowers right now , and then they painted this little sign while I was painting the porch floor , how cute are they ???

*the two tone is staying , the husband likes it as do many of you , and I don't hate it , so it stays
Here was the problem , "dog" is my real problem , and the accidental tearing of my screens , both on the back and front doors , do your dogs do this too ?, they don't mean to do it, since they don't seem to be able to tell the difference between glass strength and screen strength , ah that is just dogs .
So after replacing the screen already a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time for wood , wood is much more durable .

Here is what I have ended up with , beadboard bottom , that should last a lot longer than the screen , do you know I paid $20 for this screen door , not bad huh , I think it is 4 years now , I always remove it in the fall when the weather turns cold , keeps it looking good longer.

This is the inside view is a bit more rustic.

Meet the culprit , it is just his youthful exuberance , there was no harm meant .

What do you think ?

See the two tone thing , that was not supposed to be there, I thought I had picked up the right can from the dark basement , guess not , I found the right can , I will re-paint it .

A little white paint for the inside.

All it too was 1 pkg of pine beadboard , I attached it with my staple gun and long staples , that made the job very quick , you can't see them after it is painted or not much .

Painting green , and waiting way to long to move this project along , LATEX is king .

Notice the torn screen bottom left .

Shabby , no chic.

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