Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pink with blue birds

I had bought a can of Wall Candy some months ago thinking Sophie might like them , as when we looked at some wall vinyl she was very drawn to the birds , well these birds were collecting dust , and I was not in the mood to re-paint a room , it takes time for these moods to set in you see.

Finally it hit , we found the perfect shade to match the back ground of the cages pink buff by Glidden and I got right to work with my little helper Sophie , knocked it off in less than two hours amazingly.

Sophie had such fun placing , with my help , the stickers and smoothing them out , so easy and fast.

I thought to first carry the strings all to the ceiling , but I like the graphic look of the different heights , it looks very cute , these photos don't do it justice , it is a tough room to photograph as it is tiny trust me it is so cute.

I will get some better shots tomorrow , "someone" wouldn't let me make her bed the way I wanted it so there will be better shots coming soon , try Wall Candy I loved it , I am not getting an compensation for my review , although I am open to that ....this is purely a glowing recommendation from little old me .

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