Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goofing around

Have you met my dogs ? I had a little fun with Photobucket , oh my it is such a great site to play . For those of you who know my dogs , isn't this them? , the little angel girly boy , and the little devil, but actually our little "angel" has been up to no good these days , he has figured out how to jump up on to our kitchen island and sneak left over snacks the kids have left out .

Turns out both my children have inherited the decorating gene because Mason has been on me for a couple of weeks to move her furniture around to new locations or to "make her dream come true" as she put it , she even drew me up some potential floor plans , of course she did, I was drawing floor plans for imaginary houses at 11 years old too. {Ikea floating shelf that I added tacs to , and the little drawer piece is from Ikea as well.}
So I gave in last night , as it was raining again and I was out of projects for the moment. I know the ladder needs painting normally it is not there they just scale their way up the frame , I will put that on my to do list. {The duvet on the bottom bunk is a Hawaiian pattern from PB kids as are the hot pink butterfly pillows.}

After looking at a stack pr PB Teen we were all inspired for some change , there is nothing like a fresh re-arrangement to make you fall in love with a room again , the girls even made the beds this morning , amazing.{The wall paint is Farm Life by Glidden if you are wondering and the pattern is a stencil.}

Here is the earring holder that I had mentioned in an earlier post , it isn't the prettiest thing but it is solving a huge problem , I spray painted it all white as was requested.
I simply made a frame to fit within the closet door and stapled chicken wire to the frame , added a couple of hooks to it for necklaces and spray painted it all white , screwed it to the door and now we have lots of storage for Mason's earring collection and it is all hidden away out of sight.
Now off to make Sophie's dream come true and to try out some Wall Candy , hopefully I can show it to you tomorrow , I have some fresh painting supplies and a big can of "pink buff" paint here I go.

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