Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchens with color coming soon

It seems like I am not alone , although there are a few out there that love the stained wood kitchens , for the most part white or cream wins , it is not just a color thing however as it may seem , it is the finish although I love a white kitchen , I love a PAINTED kitchen which is why when choosing the cabinets for this house and the last house I chose a simple oak door , so that I could paint them ,I steared clear of the plastic white cabinet choice, let me tell you I was itching to paint them the day we moved in .

However I do love the the light I too also like a painted black kitchen adore a blue kitchen , I do have a blue island after all. I just love the warmth that paint adds to cabinets .

If you have a pic of an all wood kitchen that you think can challenge my detailed classic kitchens then I would love to see it .

A touch of wood can be stunning , like a deeply stained island.

Stop by tomorrow , for I will showcase some of the most beautiful and charming painted with color kitchens , grey , black , blue , green ,oh what will I find ? after all this is not about a color choice as much as a go ahead and fearlessly paint that kitchen thing.
As for the question do the cabinets need to be sanded , well no , I clean them well with TSP to remove any grease the then let the high adhesion primer do the job , if you get a good primer there is no need to sand.

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