Saturday, June 13, 2009

V-groovy baby

Before: After:
After finding that the pickets on the railing of my small front porch /stoop , I thought it might be nice to create a v-groove wall , a little privacy , a little texture , it was a surprisingly affordable option much cheaper than buying new railing components .
A lot of houses in this area are going through this same issue , most are opting for new vinyl railings of which I am not a fan .

A fresh coat of white paint for everything makes it all shine .
I still need to add some nicer mouldings to the top and bottom of the posts around the house , the ones that were there crumbled to pieces they were so rotten , a house is all about maintenance , and for me it is always about improving and making my house different from the rest , but not in that "different" kind of way , you know what I mean don't you , when some one says after you show them something , "that's different" , ouch! that was not a compliment was it ?
My wee girl told me that our house is the nicest on the street , and that it is cottagey , what a nice thing to hear her say , I am glad she is proud of our little house , we may not have a cottage but spending a warm weekend here sure can feel like it too .
My little escapade ended with my falling flat onto the ladder that had tipped under neath me , a cut foot , scrapped knee , bruised abdomen and bruised ego too , some colorful words that I could not contain after all I was in immense pain, this event told me it was time to finish up , I am going to feel it tomorrow .

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