Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am not myself today or yesterday , I thought it was the usual grass allergies , but clearly it is a head cold , they really knock me out, so it was a challenge to find the proper medication to make me feel a little human , I must be feeling better if I am blogging right! No need to suffer .

I want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis Heidi , have a wonderful day .

I am in the midst of preparing for our big Disney trip , we are down to 9 more days , the panic is setting in for me , I wanted to drive the two days it would take but much to my dismay we will be flying , I really hate flying , I try not to think about it but when a plane goes down less than 30 days before I must board a plane I can not deny that it affects me , I try to keep my mind off it .

Maybe I will just distract myself with Jon and Kate's problems , oh my , just kidding of course , I sure hope they work things out .

Now what is more scary plane rides or bathing suit shopping , although I would prefer not to get into a suit I am going to have a great family trip and that will include a dip or two in the pool .

Which means I had to shop for a new bathing suit , can you say Tankini I never thought in my wildest dreams I would choose one , but that is why we must try these things on .

I went straight to my grocery store to check out there line of bathing suits , you read that correctly , the grocery store , they have a whole clothing department in the store , they have great clothing it is cute and affordable too , the kids love it and so do I .

I tried on two one piece suits , but there was a real issue with "exposure" , I tend to be busty , like you needed to know that right , so I gave a tankini a try and it was perfect solution , and coverage , and the long layered look I think was more forgiving than the one pieces.

Of course I needed a cover-up , a must , the one I chose will do double duty as a dress , comfy easy packing jersey .

Which leads me to this , sunless tanner , I am a huge fan , usually I use the Neutrogena Spray but yesterday I tried the Coppertone Spray .For a quick fix the Instant bronze is a saver for those really pale spots , nothing like pasty cleavage right , well that is easy enough to fix.

I am not one to sunbathe , I do not need to speed up the aging process and a fake tan is my kind of tan. But everyone looks better with tanned skin.

So here is my tankini top , not to bad for a grocery store purchase , and for $16.00 amazing.
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