Friday, June 5, 2009


This is what I have been working on the shelf above my living room sofa, the wood was not dowels but half round trim moulding that I had bits and pieces of in the scrap pile.
This idea just came to me , I was not feeling the modern clean lines of the IKEA shelf anymore, it is the single contemporary piece of decor in this house and it was bugging me , I would never choose it today , however I do like having a shelf there above the sofa.
What was I to do , simply painting it would make it look clean and crisp , not what I had in mind, I wanted some quirky character , hence the textured trim idea .
My family thought I had finally lost my mind , but it is just what I was looking for .

I must wait a few more days to use it but I could not keep it a secret any longer.

So do you think I am crazy too ?

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