Monday, June 22, 2009

We are back from our adventures in Disney , heat wave '09 , I can not get over how hot the hot was , at first we thought we were weak and wimpy , but then the natives were having troubles with the weather as well , there was one day where you could not find a character no matter how hard y ou tried , who could blame them , you couldn't make me climb into a fur covered suit in that weather , so although Sophie wanted some autographs , none were gotten , and there are no photos with characters either , didn't seem to cause too much upset.
We loved to visit our favorite hotel the Boardwalk , where we stayed five years ago , we did this vacation much more affordably , where we stayed in Lake Beuna Vista we had access to lots of American Restaurants that we do not have here , like IHOP , yummy strawberry pancakes , and TGI Friday's great food and service , no Sonic though , it was too far away and with us not having a car no way were we going to try to eat outdoors , no way .
I know I am starting with a bit of a downer or two , it would not be that way if I could re-arrange these photos more easily .
This photo of Sophie was taken after I had waited 1 1/2 hours for the Pirates ride , I was very determined to experience this , and Sophie wanted to as well, when we arrived they announced it was having technical difficulties , so I waited in the shade with a breeze , I was happy to wait , as for the 4 separate times I have been to Disney spanning 24 years , I have NEVER ridden this ride , first visit it was being re-done , the second time re-done again , last time running but the kids were too young , and this time broken , it is me , should I consider myself Pirates cursed??? I don't know , seemed like it to me .

At our hotel puppy dressed up in Mickey attire , you can keep you dogs at our hotel , we saw so many dogs , I loved seeing them there and welcome , this little one , a doberman , and a yorkie too , the hotel was very family friendly .

All fresh and waiting for fun .

Cooling our feet after a short visit to the Animal Kingdom , I don't think we will go back there again , but they do serve a mean frozen lemonade , those were needed to stay alive or so it seemed , it felt so good and many others joined us , sore feet seemed to be the treat of the day .

Waiting in line for the Test Track ride ,Mason worked herself up to worry on every ride but always loved them after we made her ride, what a great ride , wish we could have done it twice , thank goodness for Fast Pass at least the one time we did get to use it.

Being cute and having fun in the shade , oh how I love the shade , and those squirty fan bottles , $15.00 spent so well, if you have been there you know what I am talking about.

Sci-fi drive in eating .

Hot big daddy , this trip sure tested his will to survive , he does not do well in the heat, every night he slept with his legs up on the air conditioner , seriously he did .

Waiting , but in the air conditioning so I didn't mind , except for that one woman eating a big can of peanuts in the line with her little wild children running all around , stress.

We went to the American Idol Experience , it was so fun , they try out guests and have them compete daily , so fun we did it twice , it was quite authentic , even having videos of American Idol Stars and voting , it was great.

Mine and Dad's favorite spot the lovely pool , the water was perfection , a great family spot , complete with a python water slide , the kids loved it , and so did I , I actually swam in public , that took almost as much courage as getting on the plane , but it was well worth it , so cool and refreshing.

Watching the castle turn colors , it is so pretty .

The first day we arrived it was to terrible rain , by sundown we had weather a lightening storm so frightening we were yelled at to run to take cover it was scary , I was shaken.

It started here at the the arrivals, we made it safe and sound.

A little wet hair never dampened our spirits.
We had a nice time away , we will NEVER go back in the summer , next time October like we did before , if you are going any time soon , you must get the water park tickets you will need it more than you know.

I thought this was the best way to share our family photos with our family ,
more to come tomorrow.

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