Monday, June 29, 2009

I always want to share with everyone the great deals I come across and this one has earned that honour . At the local Superstore near our house which is our grocery store , they sell lots of other goodies like clothing for the whole family and patio furniture in the summer as well as home decor and even linens and everything you would need for the kitchen , it is an amazing place.
I have been eyeing a jute rug for some time now , you see if you wait long enough I have learned all things will eventually go on sale , so I always make note of how many of the coveted items are left in stock weekly.
Well it must be the rainbow on this turbulent day{school being out and all the issues that come with that , kids fighting etc.} because they are re-organizing the store in a big way and lots of goodies are on sale , like beach towels for $1.74 , come on , I bought the last two , and the coveted rug which was $109.00 a great price but since I do not seem to have excess money after our trip and pool expenses , I waited so patiently , and it was well worth the wait , it was marked down to $19.00 , that's right I saved $90.00 they were practically giving it away , and it is just the right rug for this room , don't you agree .

I anchors this seating area so nicely , it also has a built in rubber gripper so it will not shift all around what a bonus.
What are you waiting to go sale ?, I am currently waiting for a string hammock to go on sale , I know it will 50% off , I hate to pay retail don't you .

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