Saturday, August 9, 2008

I got my dream mudroom

I packed up my tools and my kiddies and headed out on a two day mudroom reno.

I have long wanted a mudroom laundry on my main floor ,neither of the two house I had offered such a feature, I am still someday going to get one for sure, Thursday was that day , or so I pretended , my sister in law Tracy just bought with her man Andrew a lovely older home , a rambling bungalow full of character including a gated driveway , and private backyard 6 bedrooms ,two fireplaces you get it it is quite a home to have, and it came with a mudroom /laundry room , yippee of course , well this mudroom although exciting to have came with a few challenges like 5 doors , little of no real coat storage , no where to sit and put on shoes , or store them nowhere for school back packs and purses , never mind mitts , hats , etc that we will soon be in need of. What do you do , maybe move the washer dryer into the basement ?? and find storage there , no Andrew would not have it , don't blame him , so if you have me as sister in law who walked through the room and virtually got a picture of how it was to be in my head , and as I was eager to flex my decorator muscles , and happy to execute the design in my head , I was allowed to do what I thought needed to be done. Here is what we had this is a door to the garage , and one to side yard and behind that wall to basement stairs, and one peg for storage , that's right 3 doors over here.

This one is a little fuzzy , it also has a step up and a dutch door, that is shutter style, such a nice feature , and one more peg board, that was it for storage. Two more doors on this side.
It has high ceilings and plenty of potential.

Here is the after , oh my isn't it lovely , so much room for coats and bags. The hooks are from Ikea they came in a two pack , the best deal going on hooks. The brackets were also from Ikea and a great price as well. The bead board is primed MDF tongue and groove , from Home Depot.

Everything lined up so pretty , 20 hooks were added. I asked if Tracy would like a chalkboard , either you like them or hate them , turns out men hate them , ladies like them? what a great spot for notes reminders , lists, really they are both functional and cute. The clock is perfect for seeing how much time you have to get to all your many events and work and school.

There is a great long storage bench there below the main wall that has 8 cubbies for shoes and is a spot to sit and put on shoes or put laundry baskets while folding . My gift was a series of three cute striped cotton rugs a blue basket for tidbits and a new bamboo window blind in brown.

Look how cute the little white garbage can is .
I love it m I would be happy to have this functional entrance in my home . I hope it works well for them?

I originally suggested the walls be a deep brown , which I still think would look great with all the white, but the soft creamy yellow if great too, if it was room it would a grey blue to compliment the peachy in the tiles , since I may have a few readers of this post why don't you all weigh in , deep dark brown , blue , or leave it yellow and give the kids a break from all their reno's.

Thanks bunches , I hope you enjoyed.

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