Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things you may not know about me

I thought I would share some personal things about me, some things you may know , some things may surprise you .

  1. I pick Pepsi over Coke

  2. I will always choose a shower over a bath , they seem boring to me

  3. I avoid shopping at the mall for fear of bumping into people I may know , I don't want them to see me this fat

  4. I love to bake

  5. I am NOT a basement person

  6. I have never lived in a house for more than 7 years

  7. I love taco bell Chilitos

  8. I keep all my magazines

  9. I never drink anything DIET

  10. I love OLD NAVY flip flops if I could I would wear them all year I would

  11. I have had my lips INJECTED

  12. I love tank tops and jeans and wear them every day

  13. I never wear socks at home

  14. I love being married and having kids

  15. I hate when the kids fight

  16. I can not stand the time it takes to have my hair lightened it takes way too long , another reason stay brunette

  17. Some day I want to have my own shop {I would sell pretty affordable things and sell cuppies too , peanut free}

  18. I would never ride in a hot air balloon or helicopter

  19. I am very afraid of elephants

  20. If I had the money I would reno my bedroom tomorrow morning

  21. I want to work on a Habitat House build

  22. I was finger printed once

  23. I watch the HILLS

  24. I love PINK {the singer}

  25. I have always wanted a bed and breakfast

  26. I used a midwife both times

  27. I want to vacation on a house boat some day

  28. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is crazy , I think

  29. Drug free natural childbirth is the most powerful thing I have done , it showed me how strong I am

  30. I would have had one more child if I could have skipped pregnancy part of the process

  31. Blogging was a great decision

  32. The most life altering experience I have had would be experiencing the loss of my niece Bella

Be nice now , would you dare? share some of your secrets?

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