Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer fun

After adding a pool to the yard it was feeling very crowded so I decided to do a little
re-arranging , I know shocking that is not like me at all, I moved the gazebo up onto the deck to make more room for the hammock area and for there to be a little patch of grass , turns out there was plenty of room and I think I really like it much better now. Summer is officially here , the splashes the laughter the wet towels and foot prints on my kitchen floor are telling me the pool was a great idea. Here is a different look , I used the cartoon setting on my editing program to share with you a little good clean fun.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and my children's Grandma's birthday , Happy Birthday Joan , we will see you soon , we will all be enjoying a day at home together , a little BBQ a little swim for the kids , followed by some good old fire works, ah summer enjoy it .
Happy Canada Day !

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