Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not To Worry

Meet our dogs here "Killer" Moe {seriously he has the custom muzzle to prove it }
Mr "Shiver's and Shakes" Dolce our old dainty boy. What do you do with your dogs when you go out of town or for extended leaves , well I can not bear to put these boys in a kennel , they wouldn't know what to do with themselves, and to have a dog sitter come over a couple of times a day would stress them and me out to no end.
Like with my kids I prefer family to care for my loved children , it is best for them to stay home and I can not bear the thought of the house being empty either , my fire OCD kicks in , so to elevate the panic that I would certainly be feeling we made sure first before booking our trip to have my Mom and her husband will stay here and watch the dogs the house and my plants .
We can now have a family vacation free of worry , what a relief , they will get to try out the dreaded Poop composter first hand {you don't want to see it after the rain }, don't worry you will get used to it , and I am sure my plants will all be alive when we return , feel free to use the BBQ and cook up a storm , I hope the weather is in co-operation .
So do not fret , I would never mention our departure if our home and pets were not in good capable hands while we are away.
I do expect to hear stories of Moe whining nightly , and possibly not eating , poor guys , but I know they will be just fine.

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