Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Right Back At It

Don't you just love peonies , well I sure do , this is what I came home to on Monday a big jar of the most lushious pink peonies thanks to my SIL Janice , while she came to help out with the pups she graciously gave us these , how sweet , thanks Janice.
I also want to say thank you to Lawrence for all the work you did taking care of the boys for us , we didn't worry about them one little bit , thanks so much . I get an itch and it must be scratched . I was feeling the drapes needed changing ,a lighter feel is in need as summer has arrived even the air-conditioning is running, so I dug out my old drapes which I still love , however they were no longer long enough , so I simply added a band of fabric to the bottom , laundry and sewing was the game for the day yesterday.

Cost $0 , I love a free re-decorate.

They go so well with the creamy colour on the walls like they are meant to be here after all.

Trying to set in the folds here .

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