Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gonna Have to Say Goodbye For a Few Days

I always have nightmares prior to any trip , like missing our flights , or forgetting our passports , that was the most recent one , we got to Florida only to spend all of our time in the airport playing kids poker , the whole time , sounds fun huh , and when we tried to leave , no passports , we not only wasted our whole trip on gambling with the kids for no money but we were now trapped forever in the airport , what is wrong with me? I wish I could remember my pregnancy dreams, now those were interesting.

I will be back next Tuesday with lots of great stories and memories for sure .

But I must sign off and stay away for now , I have to make sure everything is thought of , this process has been going on for many weeks now , how long does it take you to pack for a trip away ?

There is so much to consider , medications , travel insurance , passports , tickets , reservations , not to mention clothing, potions and lotions , all the things you need daily , it is quite a daunting task .

Informing the school of absences {yes school is still in , till the 26th anyway}, charging all the travel comforts, gosh I hope our plane has the tv's they are telling me that most have , the tv watching will be a great distraction for me , I may be able to watch the View.

Finding the right bag , so important , I think I have found just the right one , with sections for the important things , like camera's, wallet , phone , band aids and bottle of water , sunscreen , no wonder I am on edge , like packing everything we need isn't hard enough but having to clean up after a sticky mess every two seconds would put anyone on edge.

Who does the packing , I am guessing you , mom ??

Tomorrow I am dedicating the day to cleaning , making sure the house is just the way I like it and of course packing everything.

After all this work I am sure going to try and take things easy , as much as one can at a theme park , but they do promise me some good down time at the hotel pool , and I will not have to cook or clean up any meals so that should help me take it easy , right?

So fare well for now , I look forward to coming home to many many wonderful and creative posts.

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