Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rustic charm vs. clean and new

I think that this door is a great office solution , of course as it's intended use of door would also be a good choice , but I love the idea of thinking outside the norm.

This is a great example of mixing the rustic with the new , perefectly done .

I really considered installing blue tiles when I did my backsplash , I opted for classic white subway tile and I love it , it stands the test of time , but when I see this tile with its varied blues , this would have been a great choice as well .

I love a painted floor , ah I love all things painted really, especially older thin boards in need of help in that yellow orangey tone , paint it I say. White cabinets , blue grey floors , and a bit of green inside the cabinet , how cheeky I love it .

From Velvet and Linen I found this most perfect ottoman and chair and that rug , oh my ,but this is sheer perfection to me , I will take it all.

I am always inspired by open shelving in a kitchen , I love this take of clean simple brackets .
When in doubt "white it out" !

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