Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I think this is my kind of feel , clean, rustic, casual , cheeky , but throw in some DIY pieces . What I love is that it is no show room purchased room , it is completely one of a kind I do not want to have what you have , well sometimes , I think it is fun to see all new ideas.

What is the story of your home , what do you want it to say .

Is it clean , minimal , new and sleek?

Is it pretty and soft with a feminine touch?

Is it dark and moody ,and masculine?

What ever it is , it should certainly say you .

I would describe this space as natural and traditional with a grown up yet relaxed feel , I would think this is a home of a couple with grown children .

This is a fun house with children and a sense of history and appreciation for older things.

I think this must be a room that is used very seldom , but I could be wrong, this is pretty and girly , a lovely take on that , a little eclectic yet very traditional but in a comfortable liveable way.

Oh that is just my dream backyard.

This is clean and classy , someone who appreciates the finer things and doesn't skimp and has a great big budget.

What is your style , how would you describe the look you would ideally create ?

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