Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Girl

Dear Sophie ,

I wish you a great and wonderful day today , on your Birthday , you were going to be born on your sister's birthday , but you would not accept that , you were going to have your own day , even if it was only the day before . My water broke right after I completed you sister's 3rd birthday cake around 1:00 AM, my labour moved swiftly and with little pain , until the end , you were in a hurry to make an appearance and you came very close to being born in our car , thankfully we made it in the nick of time to the hospital room , two or three pushes and you were out in the world and you were a screamer , and as pretty as could be, Oma, Dad, Mason and I were all there to welcome you into our family you were our little Sophie .

You have grown so much , you have gone from a shy quiet girl to a real firecracker , no one should mess with you , you know what you want and you stick to your guns , you are a wonderful part of our little family , I love you so much we all love you xoxo

I have such a love for hooks , mostly wrought iron ones , I should count just how many hooks I have in this house , I have a lot , even one with a dog head . This green one was once used to hang a towel from in our powder room until it some how came right out of the wall .

I couldn't bear that it has been wasting away in the basement , so I found a spot for it , it looks so pretty .

Yesterday I found some shops in a near by town that had loads of different and beautiful hooks , now I know where to find one if I should need one.

This is my frog , I found it in a box in our garage , I didn't even know it was there , I love its chipped up character.

{re-cut peonies in fresh water , maybe I will get a few more days} Tomorrow is the last day of school , I am getting a preview of just what I will be dealing with in the other room while I write , I hope there is some peace this summer or it will be a very long 70 plus days :(

I am prepping for the pool tomorrow, I have the foam pads that are suggested , if I ever wondered if we needed it , the loud and energetic 4 kids that are bouncing my floors right now tell me I do need to get it no question .

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