Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Mason

Dear Mason ,

When Dad and I got married we knew we would want kids right away , the time was finally right. We were so excited to find out the great news , we thought many times we would lose you , but you kept on growing and even stayed with me three more weeks than is normal , but it was all worth it , when we saw you . You were so sweet and small , a tiny little 6 pound 9 oz baby , with all your dark hair , no bald babies for me.

We quickly took you home after a couple of hours in the hospital , I was so happy to have you home so excited to finally lay my eyes on you I couldn't even rest , I just stared at you and kissed you , you were our little pumpkin .

You were so much fun to have around , an easy baby you were , so alert well beyond your months , you even walked at 8 months , you never even crawled .

You still run before you walk in life , you are always just diving into every task , you are growing into a lovely young lady . You are so beautiful and I think you don't even know it , don't doubt that , you are beautiful , and you are a great friend to have , I see you really care about the people you keep close to you , they are lucky to have you .

I am so proud of the friendship you have with your sister she is lucky to have such a special big sister , that is so nice and I know you will always be close , that really warms my heart, I know you fight ,which is normal , but there is love for each other always underneath.

I look forward to the years ahead while we watch you grow and change and become more independent. Be patient with me while I try to help you through these next few years they may get bumpy , I will make mistakes as will you but know I am always on your side and I am always here for you for anything , you can always come to me .

You are so special and smart and creative , follow your dreams , I love you more than know ,

Love Mom xoxo

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