Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tragedy for Christmas

Sadly tragedy has touched our city just a few short weeks before Christmas , as this family gathered in their home to celebrate a birthday party they were savagely attacked by a deranged man that was known to the family, Leslie and Rick Kelly tried to protect their family but were stabbed as well as their 3 year old son Nathan and Riley 5 yrs , most tragically Leslie , Nathan and then Rick all died as a result of the attack , Riley is recovering in hospital and looks like he will make it , and has two older brothers Brandon 11 and Steven 13 who all have lost their parents and little brother .
The community is stepping up and making sure the children will be showered with gifts , however nothing will fill the void of a loss of this magnitude .

click here for the local news write up

I am going to set up this paypal donate button below if you find it in your heart to perhaps give $5.00 to go towards the children's trust fund I will make the deposit on your behalf locally .

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