Friday, December 19, 2008

Putting some miles on the old faithful sewing machine

Sophie brought home this lovely work of art , I was blown away , I framed it immediately , what a great addition.
I spent many hours sewing these drapes , I used the cast off faux roman from the bathroom , pulled it all apart and sewed it onto the bottom , just for a detail .

When I picked up this paisley I didn't know how well it would match the stripe , I just knew I loved it I knew I would find a good use for it , as well it was buy one get two free .

It works very well in my bedroom with my shabby chic bed linens , I tried to do a darker look for winter but I couldn't handle it , too masculine , I need my crisp white and blue bed with green , fresh clean and pretty , I think in the spring this room will get a long over due proper makeover , which will include lighter walls , new trim work , hopefully crown moulding and panel moulding in some fashion perhaps just on the bed wall , I love when that is made a real feature.
Today we are waiting for a big storm , it sounds like we might get buried , all the school buses are cancelled , lots of schools are too , my kids wanted to go to school you know last day pf school before break is always fun and no work , pj day for Sophie , 6 more days till Christmas , are you all ready ???
I will be a baking fool by the end of Sunday , many cuppies are in my future , let's see I have 2 1/2 doz plus 20 mini's for one order and 60 mini's for my second order , fun fun fun . I love the smell that fills my house when I bake , and there are always left overs .

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