Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beach House Bathroom

I am so much happier since I have finished my latest improvements , the tub apron with marble edge , the legs onto the vanity area and the new window casing.
I also painted out the stripes into the "beach house " by debbie travis blue , it is named so perfectly don't ya think . I also decided to swap my shower curtain for my girls which is the white chenille and I have it layered with a solid blue cotton shower curtain , much more of the over all light white and blue scheme I was looking for .
So what is in store for this bathroom of mine ? I will install a piece of trim just above the existing casing to allow for me to make it look more substantial and to have the depth to install beadboard about 4 inches above the counter height at its highest point , I think that will look pretty all around the room . A pretty faucet eventually .
But for now my saw is going on vacation and my basement is fresh out of existing supplies , I am enjoying the fruits of my labour that I have already completed , and I am looking forward to the first Christmas day at home all day , in 16 years , and my Opa will be joining us at my house on Christmas Eve which is such a blessing since we really thought we were loosing him last winter , as well there is a baby on the way for my brother and his wife , lots of things to be very happy about . We then will visit with my husbands family over the holidays ,and I am sure this will be a lovely Christmas .
The kids are bouncing about wanting so much to open their gifts , it is such a different experience when kids know about {santa} it has been so much fun for them , so much more anticipation, and so much less work for me , love it .

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