Thursday, December 11, 2008

My mini me

I love this picture of Mason so much , she looks so pretty and feminine , she is really changing so much lately , poor girl these will be trying times .
See more silly , what is it with these kids.

The other day I was helping out at school and Mason came over to say hello , and a mother said " is that your daughter ? she looks just like you ", she really is so much like me we have photos of me as a kid and everyone says it is surely Mason, but a beautiful version of me , she has the cutest nose ever , unlike me I would have mine fixed tomorrow if I could , my worst feature .

Mason is a special girl , she is so compassionate and loving and is liberal and open minded which I admire so much and respect , she has so many great ideas and she loves to sing all day long , she is silly and helpful to me , we are becoming closer and closer as she gets older , I am so happy to have my two girls. I am very lucky to have gotten my wish of having more than one girl ,I am so pleased that they each have a sister to grow up with , even though they have their own rooms they share Mason's room , now that is generous isn't it , it is very lovely to be me.

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