Saturday, December 13, 2008

*Please take some time to see here how you can help three orphans this Christmas time , it would mean so much if you could literally spare a couple of dollars to help . You will be making a difference in these children's lives , thanks.

Lisa's kitchen is almost complete , the crown moulding is up and looks great , including new lighting . I suggested this bronze finished pottery barn knock off from Rona , $69.00 . The valance under the cabinets is installed by me , and Lisa , that is such an easy project to add detail to plain old cabinets{click on the photos to see in detail} . We are thinking some decorative brackets to be installed under the bulkhead on the ends would soften the transition between the cabinets and the bulkhead , I don't know why they make it jut out so much ?
We found the most beautiful hurricane light fixture from Home Depot , I showed Lisa just how easy it is to swap out one light and install another , this job no one should be afraid of really! so easy , the tricky or fussy part is putting together the fixture , that isn't hard either really !
I will get a picture of that as well to show you .
Left to do is install a shelf in the micro stand spot , build custom island , new roman shade and some accessories , that's it .

Can you even remember this , I do believe this transformation is ringing in at $370.00 so far , not bad for a new kitchen that is a pleasure to be in .

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