Friday, December 12, 2008

More work yet to be done

* Please don't miss last nights post about the Kelly family it would be so nice if you could even spare a dollar or two to donate to the trust fund for the remaining children , prayers are a kind thought but it would mean so much to help these children that are in the greatest need after this tragedy . You can use paypal , it is easy to sign up and can use credit cards or even funds from your bank or an funds in your paypal account , I thank you .

I have left the bathroom trim work in my bath until now , I found a few good pieces of trim in the basement again and lucky me it was the perfect amount for the small window . Here is what I started out with , the skinny builder trim .

This is what it looks like after I pulled it all off , a big mess, huh!

Then I installed the header piece , it is one inch deeper than the side and bottom pieces .

I added some trim to the bottom sill and the bottom of the header , all I need is a great profiled piece for the top .

This is what took me an hour to do , I had to do it the old fashioned way hammer and nails , my thumb is not happy, I really could use an actual nail gun with a compressor .

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