Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me myself and I

While visiting my Father over Christmas I was able to make a quick stop at my favorite fabric store , we used to live in the area where my Father now lives so it was nice to visit a familiar store that I am no so lucky to have near by where I now live. BB Bargoons , now called "in VU' , they have a beautiful selection of fabrics & I am a sucker for seersucker and stripes this is the best of both .
I saw these two fabrics and I thought of a clients daughters room , wouldn't it be perfect with classic white painted furniture , the room already has the lilac walls . I would use the floral for drapes and the stripe as a band along the bottom for detail , maybe some pom pom trim , it is so pretty great for a little girl with lots of staying power. I would pull out the green for pillows or sheets to temper the lilac . I was able to get a couple of swatches as this is quite a drive , but obviously worth it .

I have already packed up all the Christmas gear , and I am happy to say my rooms feel larger and fresher again , I fret at dusty holiday decor , I enjoy it but the clutter gets to me very quickly, or maybe its the work involved in tucking these treasures away that I dread , perhaps all of the vacuuming and lugging of boxes is why I could easily put it off , but that is not my style at all , if I can do it today and complete it , that is what must be done , chop chop.
For instance I have been waiting to make myself a real workable room , I asked my children to buy me legs for Christmas , that is all I wanted . My husband was taking the kids out and I knew he had forgotten all about them , even though I had printed out a photo for a gentle reminder , and I begged my girls like they do me , I really wanted this and only this and I knew it was an out of the way trip to Ikea that he wasn't planning on making but its Christmas and my pleading worked. Well I have had the table top in my garage for months, I have been patient. I had decided it was best considering the state of this room { the rough unfinished state} to get these stylish , adjustable , and most of all affordable at $30.00 a leg , how can I go wrong , perhaps when this room is finished I may come up with a base that has more storage , but for now this gets me a table and a workroom , I could not be more thrilled with them . Best of all the legs were on sale $19.00 each , that would make my large island height table $101.50 you can not beat that .
So of course I quickly put together my legs and have been waiting to ask my husband and my brother to kindly move this monster or a piece of wood from the garage down into my basement , now I am a sturdy woman but I helped move this baby into the garage and I know I couldn't manage this big move , I have also two little injuries as I impaled my finger with fork tines ,don't ask be careful while closing cutlery drawers! , and my wrist is in awful shape from all the driving I was doing over the holidays.
Tonight was the night and I thank them for their time .

So what do you think ? I have a great Ikea clamp lamp holding onto the joists for great lighting which I always use down there, my lovely Dash and Albert striped rug , two bar stools , it is perfect for now , I can picture it with beadboard white walls . Won't this make a great sewing space , painting space , re-upholstering space, floor planning space , it will keep my messes out of the main floor , I won't feel the pressure to get everything put away during those project steps like drying time between coats of paint.

I will have to find a project to break it in .
I was able to create a little reading spot since all of my design magazines are now down stairs to inspire me and to simply enjoy.
Momma finally has a dedicated work space , from playroom/nap room , to bare space to work room .
Can you imagine how thrilled I will be when this is a fully complete room with walls and a ceiling.

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