Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It has been a great need for me to fix or replace the patio door drapes, the dogs have done a number on the bottom , there is the snow stains, and just general dog stains , even after professionally cleaning the velvet drapes that I love so much they are a sad and embarrassing sight, I wouldn't dare show you a pic , but I will happily show you my after .
I used a fabric that I love a Waverly cottage vintage inspired fabric that I bought at a steal {found in my basement of course}, buy one get two free my favourite deal in fabric out there , which in turn was about $3.00 a meter. I got to it and added a lower panel to cover the stained and discoloured areas , and this has fixed my problem not to mentioned dolled up my drapes . I have used this fabric in my desk area behind a metal screen on the doors , on two pillow covers in the family room , on a stool seat and now the drapes .
While out with a girlfriend yesterday looking for fabric for her kitchen I found this fabric , it stopped me in my tracks , I think it would make some gorgeous pillows , drapes and the back of an dining chair would be stunning upholstered in this.
Alright here is where things went UGLY and I do mean ugly , I had to get proof of these crimes against decor accessories to share , unless you live in the Rockies I do not want to see this in a suburban house and with that cheap and awful lamp shade what is that made of even ??

I know a lot of us love the girliness of glitter but look closely girls that is glitter woven into this rug , I mean come on , who would buy a rug with glitter , the buyers need a little coaching I think .

Although the pony lamp could be chic the fake stone one is ready for the dump straight of the production line , are we in agreement ?

Here we go a hunk of rock as a lamp base , wow that is different !!!!

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