Sunday, December 21, 2008

Up early and go go go

After returning from my early cuppie drop off I just kept going and going , I have had there Ikea brackets since the summer I had intended on installing them at the base of my kitchen cabinets but couldn't figure out hoe to make them work , I didn't want to loose the full curve and install them to the base of the cabinet , but recently I bought a tile but , so when it came to mind today nothing was to stop me , they are there to stay never to be removed at least not by me .

What do you think , good choice?

I used those little round sticky on one sided wood veneers and painted them white to conceal the screws. click on the photo to see in detail.

I know a lot of you out there have this same wire two tiered rack as I , it was sitting about my dining room and this clever idea came to me , place it over the vent and use it for drying wet winter mitts and hats, it has worked perfectly . Now that is thinking outside the box, and it is much prettier than those over the vent dryers made for mitts .

I found the perfect wrapping paper , it even matches my tree decor , it was made to be.

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