Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little bits of bathroom improvements

There you have it my first tub apron which consists of a simple frame attached to the tile , and bead board , a baseboard and trim found in my basement and two threshold pieces and I have taken my tub from ho hum to pretty , hopefully I will get this tub a frame less glass enclosure really soon , hey I might even start to take baths . I would also like a teeny tiny flat screen mounted on the wall so that I can watch my HGTV in the tub , wouldn't that be nice some candles a glass of wine on my new marble ledge voila ! { the wall bit to the right of the apron will be clad a piece of trim that will become not unlike a door casing wrapping up and around the bulkhead over the tub , but these things take time I have big plans for this room}

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