Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today is a classic snow storm day , I would guess 12-15 inches of snow has fallen since I had gone to bed last night . This meant I was left with the heavy job of shovelling the sidewalks this morning , that is ok since poor hubby was throwing up in the middle of the night and had to go off on his huge commute that would triple in length due to the fallen snow, the last thing he needed was to shovel before leaving ,but I am thinking that he is right we need a snow thrower , I don't know how he does it .
I almost forgot that I had bought these paper garlands , I have had them for years and they still look great, they are very whimsical , I normally put them up in our bedrooms but I thought they would look fun downstairs this Christmas season . I use this shelf in my living room a lot like I would use a fireplace mantel , I love to pile it up with lots of fun accessories .

I have finally installed the marble edging , I have simply used flooring transition pieces, they have a little bevel on the edge and they come in great depths not to mention how inexpensive they are, I did not buy this from a big box home improvement store as there mark up is over inflated on this item , I went to a great local tile shop . I cut them to length and cut an angle on the edges and installed the stone with silicone.
All I have to do now is touch up some screw holes and do my finish coats of white and this project will be complete , so what did this cost well the grand total is $39.00 not to shabby is it . wonder what a contractor would charge for such an upgrade involving custom wood work and polished marble , I would think a great deal more .

Tomorrow night is another fun Christmas concert night , we will have to get there early to get a seat , there are so many students at my children's school they have 3 different nights of concerts . We have attended my older daughter's concert last week which was torture , why torture ?, well we are fortunate to have a full range of instruments for our school , but there is clearly not enough time for learning how to play these instruments, it was never ending ear insulting sound , the beautiful singing was such a relief from the band. Don't get me wrong I am so glad that our school is very much pushing the arts but next year I will bring ear plugs, I'm not joking!
Luckily tomorrow's concert will not include this such torture , as it is the 1st-4th grade students so it will be cute and funny I am sure .

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