Thursday, December 11, 2008

Isn't she funny

I think before I go off and show you probably way too many pictures of my daughter I would throw in some great design pieces first , like these jars with black lids , I love them , don't you ?
As well here is this crown, my mouth fell open when I saw it , all glossy and pretty , I like the bird as well, great Christmas present suggestions don't you think , wink wink ! These photos were from Pier 1 Imports .

Ok here she is my baby , it was her Christmas concert last night , it was so great , but first we must have a little photo shoot , I love to do this to my girls , they go all goofy on me every time .

After endlessly curling all of this straight fine hair and setting it in rollers and spraying it I know it will soon be gone .

Silly kid.

She is so much like her Daddy , adorable , feisty , creative and smart and silly, outspoken and bold and boy does she hold a grudge , but in the middle she if soft and squishy and a great kid.

She is getting so big , the concert was fanfricintastic , really some make my ears bleed but this one was so good , dancing, singing , monologues that make you laugh , so much work had gone into this night , wow is all I can say! I am ordering a DVD for sure.

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