Sunday, December 21, 2008

This has been a very busy weekend for my cupppies business , I had a 2 doz reg plus 20 mini's for one order, the next day a 60 mini's order, this is quite a busy bakery these days , but I love it .

Christmas themed mini's, dark green with little white balls , like little snowballs .

We have had two back to back snow storms , I can not believe how much snow has fallen . My dream of an easy green Christmas is definitely out , driving in this stuff is a nightmare.

Mason has been able to profit from all this snow , she has been offering to shovel driveways and the dreaded snowed in driveways created by the plows , she had a friend working with her and they raked in $37.00 each in two days , what trooper , shovelling is HARD work .

I had a party recently , a candle party , I had no plans of buying any as they are pricey and I can not tolerate smelly candles , but after the sales were calculated I was able to receive over $100.00 worth of items, I chose these luminaries , they have such a nice detail , they are hollow and I have a little tea light inside so they will always be this pretty , perfect for Christmas , but lovely for always. Aren't they pretty ?

Merry Christmas .

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