Monday, December 1, 2008

Day dreaming up a house

How would your dream house look , it is easy enough to search the Internet for photos of gorgeous designer homes , it actually makes it surprisingly hard to choose your favourites , at least so I found .
I took the challenge to bring together images of how my dream home may look , not that I will ever get my dream of building a home from the ground up just the way I want it , this would be a real dream come true for me. My bathroom may look an awful lot like this , large , high ceilings , lots of white , and dark wood floors .
Of course my dream house would not be missing an actual mudroom .

I will admit the kitchen will give me challenges there are so many details that I love this photo sums most of them up , look at the high ceilings and cabinets , the marble the windows , its pretty perfect.

A comfortable not fussy dining room .

I would like my backyard to look like this , now I am really dreaming aren't I , oh it's in good fun right .

This house is sheer perfection , I have always wanted since I was a child , a three level home , I love an attic space , and angled ceilings ,it is so charming . The porches on this home are to die for . Of course a white picket fence , both of my homes have had these , my home wouldn't be right without one .
So what would your dream home look like ???

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