Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling the recession here too

I just thought I would share this picture , my daughter went off to her friends 10th birthday , can you see how embarrassed my child was , OMG I am embarrassing !!! I have gained a new power then haven't I . I love the picture I think they are all so beautiful , in the old smokey limo and all boy did it stink , it was a surprise to the birthday girl to go pick her friends up in a limo , they were so excited , I have never even been in a stretch limo , we had an antique limo for our wedding and I missed my prom . I know boo hoo ! not that I missed anything right . I don't look forward to the early teen aged years.
Here is todays" didn't spend a dollar" project , I took photos that have been sitting in the basement collecting dust and piled them onto the ledge in my powder room .

I have made some more progress in my master bathroom , I have always loved those panelled tub aprons , so I figured how hard could that be. I built a frame drilled holes into the tiles with a tile bit and fastened the frame in place , I bought one pkg of beadboard cut it in half as that was perfect for the height , nailed the wood in place , I didn't even have to cut one piece of beadboard the last piece slid right into place , fit like a glove . I used scrap pieces of trim left over from other projects that we have a pile of in our basement . So the grand total right now is a whopping $22.99

  • $6~ for framing wood

  • $9.99 for beadboard

  • $7~ for tile bit

Still to do is obviously to prime , caulk and to paint white as well find some stone for the topper , I am thinking polished limestone or marble , I may use transition floor pieces or just cut the stone myself from floor tiles , we will see .

Each fall /winter I slow down progress on home improvements, it is cold rainy and or snowy , even the Home Depot is likely a ghost town this time of year. All extra funds are to be spend on Holiday gifts of course , but home improvement is my hobby , my pass time , so I will try to manage little trim jobs here are there.

Work is slow so I will have to put my hobby on hold , however I have been pulling off some really good nearly costless projects like the legs on my vanity and now the tub apron . I have even resorted to hi-lighting my own hair , wow that was scary there for a little bit this morning but seems to have turned out ok , I nearly went brunette as a last resort , but with todays trials in home coloring I may remain blonde for a little while longer after all I did my own hair for $13.99 I saved at least $130.00 trying it out .

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