Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us about what is really important , some events can make your world stand completely still .
If you have experienced a pregnancy or are you know that it comes with many hopes and dreams , as well as fears and concerns . A mother's love begins well before the day a baby is born , you know your little one , you talk to them touch them , can't wait to meet them .

Oh so sadly and suddenly my brother and sister in law's dear baby was taken , at 34 weeks, so close to her given due date. We were with them through it all , these were the toughest days we have ever had to endure . She was a perfect baby girl who looked like her mama , she is one of 8 cousins , she is missed and loved and will always be , she is truly an angel.

I struggled whether or not this would be something I share with you , I decided I would as most or my readers are women, some expecting right now and that I would. The reason I share this is to hopefully prevent this from happening as awareness is key and especially since no parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child.
Toximia , preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome , this is the reason for their loss .
Two weeks prior everything was fine , blood pressure normal , then suddenly and without real symptoms that would warn of the situation at hand , it was too late . My sister in laws life was in danger as well, her blood pressure so high , liver function was diminishing and her blood dangerously thinning .
She is physically recovering now , which we are so grateful for . And they are strong and there for each other . I am so sorry that they have to endure this , all I wished was to turn back the hands of time and change this outcome.
Please if you are expecting check out this link , make sure you are aware of all the signs , and never hesitate to go in to your doctor, although pregnancy can be uncomfortable not all pains and symptoms are ok , just air on the side of caution .http://www.preeclampsia.org/index.asp

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