Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I finally pulled out the Christmas gear , finally because so many people have already done so , which tells you lots of us have fakes out here , I suppose you might think Canada wilderness land , {it is not like that everywhere trust me } we would surely go out to our back woods and chop down a tree no such luck , I think we are a practical bunch and buy our trees to use over and over , I must say this is looking like the "GREEN" approach , leave those trees alone ... I understand the draw to real but there are a whole lot of draw backs , price , mess ,watering , fires not to mention the allergic reactions , like in my house , I will let you guess for yourselves , is mine real ???? I'll never tell.
If you are a purist I respect that , but don't knock my knock off , how else can you have a whimsical white tree that goes up in 5 minutes flat. Oh and it glows at night like no green tree can .
I have dressed the mantel with faux garlands and cotton blue snow ball strings, as well as blue beaded floral picks , I love to buy my Christmas decor at Canadian tire , Zellers , and of course the Superstore , all Canadian shops , sorry.
This year in the family room it is all blue , silver and gold , not too much just the mantel .

In the living room which greats you when you walk in my front door I wet to town as they say .
Lots of whimsial touches , blue ribbon tied around the lamp shades , snowflakes a plenty and my white tree decked out in blues and pinks .

This is a very old vintage glass ornament that was my Oma's they are very special to me and I couldn't have a Christmas tree without them ,

Happy Thanksgiving to all

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