Thursday, April 30, 2009

Painting again

Do you remember this backyard table I made last summer out of left over deck joists and posts , well I meant to paint it but couldn't decide , would I go light or dark . So I went dark and raised it up a little , although I like the low lounge style it wasn't comfortable to eat at , so it occurred to me to raise it with locking wheels , good idea huh , well those wheels were pricey and these finials seemed a more thrifty option , just the right added height , maybe the dog will stop using it for his bed now ???
It looks so good painted I think , I am going to take my palm sander to it just to soften up the look .
Now to stain the deck , the last time I stained a deck I was 12 , first it needs a good scrub from all the muddy paw prints and if we could get a couple of days in a row without rain , I could actually get it done.


Queen B. said...

way cool

Melinda said...

You are so talented!! I could never make something like that...lucky you!!
I have one of those same wicker chairs!
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Nikki said...

The table looks FAB!

jen said...

What a great use of scrap!! The table looks fabulous and you are so creative!!


aura said...

Very lovely.

Heidi said...

Looks fantastic!!

UPrinting said...

Are those wheels on the table's legs?
I like what you did with the table.
I can't blame the dog if he enjoys sleeping there... :D