Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sophie's Playhouse

Our playhouse ...
Sophie's play house ...
They are a little different aren't they , but this has lead to inspire me to do better . This is what all little girls would adore to have and to call their own , a gorgeous playhouse with endless charming details .

Look how sweet it is , a bed a kitchen and even room for a sitting area .

My wonderful friend Linda from Restyled Home encouraged her talented husband to create this wonder of creativity and charm , and it is perfection .

Sophie is a lucky girl .

Well as fate would have it and I believe Linda and I were fated to meet because I think she is my soul sister , for goodness sake we named our daughters the same name , we were both born with a natural ability to decorate in a very similar style and while saving oodles of money too , and get this we even attended the same high school but neither of us learned that until many many years later , funny huh , so I do believe fate had much to do with it , because although we have become friends though blogging we met because our sisters are friends , what are the odds , not to mention we live about 18 hours apart, so this was no coincidence.

Back to the playhouse and my Sophie , I was doubtful that the playhouse would even be entered this summer , but much to my surprise Sophie decided to spiff it up as soon as the weather warmed. I have tried to pretty it up a little painting some of the walls , but it was an awful job because it is particle board and that is impossible to paint .

It needs a lot of help . So after looking at Linda's Sophie's playhouse I decided I must crawl and twist my body as it is not intended at this age to create a lovely retreat of our Sophie too.

This is how it looked and how Sophie looked when we got it , I think she was three , she didn't even have to duck when entering the door , the door it waste high for me so it is quite a feat for me to get in there , but believe it or not I can stand straight up inside . I think Sophie was 3 and Mason was 6 when they received this playhouse as a birthday gift from their Grandma and Grandpa , it has help up so well , lucky girls .

Vandals {Mason and Sophie } have had their way with the place over the years. Last year I did install fence boards for flooring to keep the buggies away , so it is nice and dry in there .

Doesn't that look like a sad and dissapointed girl , who could use a special place , although you will notice the bench seating I installed last night with my little helper.

We went straight to work this morning building working shutters for the windows , this will help keep the rain and dogs out , they leap right through the windows , crazy dogs. I also painted the front door to match our newly painted door in Flik and CO blue , which turn's out to be the shade on "Sophie's " playhouse too . I white washed the shutters so far, I am so with you on that white washing Linda , grown women are not built to paint playhouses are we.

Tomorrow if the weather co-operates I will paint the interior , which now has some decor items chosen just for this space and by Sophie too , boy did she love that , this is a girl who HATES to shop , unless it is just for her .
I can not keep the kids out of it already, three girls rode out a big storm this afternoon , it sure sounded like fun .

I will share with you the after's as soon as it is worthy , with Sophie's pushing I am sure it will be tomorrow .

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