Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoppy Easter to All

when the sun rises tomorrow so will the girls they will be quietly standing right about here , they will be anticipating treats and goodies too .

How things have changes when plastic coloured eggs and real ones too would thrill the little one's , now the treats included are press on Hannah Montana nails and lips gloss as well , no chocolate bunnies ,see how things balance out .

I made these little felt bags for the girls first Easter together to gather their eggs , they have stood the test of time so far, the bags are now 7 years old , I even stitched in their initials to tell them apart , so I dug them out for another year this just might be their last ?

So cute is my flower bunny isn't she ?

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy some fantastic weather as well .
Hoppy Easter to All.

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