Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have coastal style shingles too

I am so thrilled , it took two days and less than $70.00 {cost of three bundles of wood and a large can of stain that will also be used for our deck when the weather is right} for me to add my favorite feature to my house , and I have left over shingles too , those will clad the chimney in the back of the house next , maybe after all the cuts on my hands heal and we have another nice weekend.
This is an easy project , however I did have these recesses which were perfect for this kind of treatment . I will at some point remove the siding from above the door roof line and add either board and batten in white or more shingles. The middle peak could use some white wood work around the window , actually I would like to change that to a shutter like the one I have inside .
I want to make my house a one of a kind .

The stain colour is Light Lead by Behr. I think I will lighten the garage door this season , as well as the front door , something more beachy for sure. Not sure if I will add back the window box or perhaps I will relocate it to the railing at the entry , that area gets great sun .
I must share a little story , while cutting shingles with my power saw , I was approached by a little boy who is about 5 , he asked me " are you supposed to be using that ? is that your dad's? "
he seemed very confused when I said that it was mine , and that I like tools , he said " my mom doesn't like tools " , I know I am a different kinda girl , we are all different right?
I like doing these projects , they are my ideas and if I can do them then I will , for as long as I can .
I love my little house even more than before .

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