Sunday, April 5, 2009

The client has spoken and requested change

Don't you just love little girls rooms , me too .
This room is my perfect idea of a shade of pink , but my daughter has other ideas , I'm flexible.

Isn't this the sweetest bunk bed ever?

This is Divine , I am crazy about stripes and this room is done just right .

Here is our real life pink little girls room , and I am glad we have one too.
In with the new.
This colour is just a couple of left over can in the basement mixed together , no name.

I wanted to show you the progress I have made this weekend , I have changed the walls to solid pink { which is just a primer base coat for now} I have also moved the bed to the center of the room which meant re-installing the canopy which was centered over her crib originally ,
this gave the room much more breathing space . I covered and sanded out the S that I painted for her several years ago.
Since the wall will be a deep pink to match the curtains {that is the request} I decided to lighten up the drapes above the bed , I added ball fringe or pom pom fringe , that is a real pain to sew on , let me tell you , but it looks adorable .
The other walls will be a hint of pink the lightest on the paint chip actually , the room needs it as it is teeny tiny .

I changed out the orange ball fringe for the fresh white on the drapes.

Progress .
And before , I am always welcome for change , its just paint and a little ball fringe so far .

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