Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are we in Nantucket Yet?

First I should say ADVIL is a miracle drug because it allowed me to complete this today , I am most fond of Nantucket style shingles , if I could have my entire home clad this way I WOULD, but that is not a real choice , I have pondered over the years removing sections of our vinyl siding to add feature of this beautiful REAL substance.

Look what I have done to my house, no I am not a mad painter, our beadboard had not worked out , I used MDF and primed and caulked it but it took on water , so it had to go , boy it was soaked too , this is what laid beneath , that is adhesive , so I cleaned it all up for my new shingles , how pricey was this treatment , well it was CHEAP cheap , this whole area cost $12.00 , thank you Lowe's .

I will stain it soon , but I still have to complete the area ABOVE the garage , wish me safety because I will need it , so far it is getting great reviews from my neighbour's .
What do you think ?

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