Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

What do you do to pitch in ? do you make good green choices?
I think it is important to make mindfull choices , like the bottled water , we do not buy it , have your water tested , it MAY just be better than the bottled water , we had ours tested and that was the case for sure, we instead got a whole house water filtration system , and we send the kids to school with metal water bottles , NEVER a juice box , water is better , and imagine just how many boxes we save and straws wrappers etc. another plus is that they can re-fill them .
I use laundry detergent that is free of dyes and fragrances all of which are very unatural , even my stain remover is free of these extra chemicals.
I prefer to clean my toilets without the use of harsh chemicals and bleaches , I prefer vinegar and baking soda , it does a great job.
I buy all greener cleaning products .
I have stopped using swiffers , because of the cloths , I was going though one a day , I can just imagine them all in the land fill .
I love to re-purpose used furniture rather than buying new , Kijiji or Craigslist garage sales are great.
Washing clothes in COLD water , big difference.
Compact florescent bulbs are all I buy now .
Latex paint use age always.
My window cleaner is vinegar and water , it is better than Windex I swear.
I make coffee at home .
I consolidate my driving trips to cut down on emissions.
Try to bring my own cloth bags to the grocery store , this one is tough , I often forget but I am trying.
I feed my dogs high quality dog food made in Canada , it doesn't have to travel and it is made without chemicals.
Energy Star rated appliances .
I use a push mower over the gas or electric ones .
We always recycle , we have more space for recycle than for garbage .
What I can do to do better
shop at the local farmers market in the warmer months
make a dog poop composter { I am going to do this soon}

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