Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We have some very exciting news

We are going to Florida for a family vacation . Disney world here we come. These photos are from our LAST vacation , as you can see it is way overdue. Look at the girls , they were babies .

We are taking advantage of free rooms and cheap flights , we are going in June to kick of summer and just in time for their birthdays, this is so exciting for us . The kids were 3 and 6 and are now 7 and 10and will soon be 8 and 11 , we need to do this more often.
How often do you vacation ? , I am always in shock to hear some families get away on a a trip once a year , wow , what a luxury .
Now how do I get over my extreme fear of flying , I REALLY hate it , I hate heights and flying , I tried to convince my husband that we should drive the two days , but I was over ruled or coerced into flying , now I have weeks to panic yippy , any tips on how to get over this , I would welcome them, I asked my doc for drugs last time and he wouldn't go for it .
Back to working out now , I WILL wear a bathing suit on this trip , I am tossing the extra chocolate and no more cupcakes will be baked , this is serious.

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