Friday, April 24, 2009

Weeken madness

This week was a complete bust , I caught a most terrible cold from my child , my strain left be bed ridden her's did not .
Thankfully I have girls because yesterday morning they made their own breakfast and packed snacks for their lunches , all which I normally do , but I was in so much pain I could not help much they were so accomodating . I kept the curtains drawn even though it was the first day of sunshine all week .
With all the rain we got this week and the cold I came down with tackling my table hasn't even begun , today I will get that started because I am feeling so much better now. All these shingles oh how I love them , this entry resembles mine quite a bit , maybe you can find me perched upon my ladder for another weekend project of shingling ??
On the list this weekend is sanding that table , building a daybed in Sophie's playhouse , maybe some early morning garage saling to find furniture to transform ?? staining the deck and backyard fences , doesn't that sound exhausting and digging a POOP composter .

Look at this set , isn't it the craziest ever , I think it would look devine painted white or pink , oh my . I found these listed on Craigslist they were very expensive , but I just thought you should see them too, I wonder if anyone bought them ?
So enjoy your weekend , I know I will . I am going to make my Home Depot list right now .

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