Thursday, April 9, 2009

fitness role models

I had to edit this post to just put it out there the reason I have chosen inspirational women with fit physiques is because I just had one a couple of years ago too , it is not unrealistic obviously from this photo of me , this is where I am headed again , ok maybe not back to the size 4 but thin like in this photo , and they is feeling good , no one likes to feel bad do they ? As I sit here eating my salad lunch I am feeling inspired yet not striving for perfection , I do have energy to accomplish many home improvement projects maybe I need to turn the focus on me now , I have to admit that blogging has taken time that I should have been giving back to me while my children are at school , I am just gonna do it and that is it .

I am younger than both of these inspiring women , yet they run circles around me in their youthful appearances and health , worst of all a couple of years ago I could have compared myself , now I only can aspire to be as fit and youthful as they maintain constantly,
that is my issue maintaining , I can lose the weight and get in shape but I have a maintaining problem .
I am back on the journey to become my true self the girl I can look in the mirror at and recognize , I do not like who I see , but I will get there , this time I will stay there .
I am adding a 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week, as well as light weights , and eating well , and less that is crucial , no more time to hide under winter wear it is time to dust off the thin wardrobe wasting away and get back the me I like to be .
My daughter saw a photo of me two summers ago when I was a very healthy weight and said "I WAS hit " notice the was , well I sure did . It is time to make time for me and to be a good role model by showing my daughters how to be a healthy woman.

Have you lost the real you in your busy life ? join me and make some healthy changes.

Don't worry I will be back to decor speak soon enough , sometimes interiors, sometimes family, sometimes baking, sometimes personal , today its personal .

Do you have any great tips for me to be successful? I would love to hear them.

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