Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling so blue , but a good blue

Flik and Co. blue is it , I decided to give it a try on my little beachy abode front door , I am not sure if it is right , but it is HAPPY ! I can't wait to hear what hubby has to say . I will give it some time , I had thought something a little more greyish but this is what I had and so that was all the inspiration I needed .
I wanted to share with you my lake view , I am so sorry if you believed I actually lived on a beach , I call beach style a way of living not just a location , but squint real hard and you can see it , on a clear day anyway .

See around the side lite { the window that flanks the door on one or both sides} I did not like how it came with white mullions sandwiched on the inside of the glass , especially when I wanted dark trim that would have looked awful , little bright strips of white dividing the glass , so I added real wood to the bottom all the way up to conceal the mullions . CLICK PHOTO TO SEE BETTER
It is subtle from a distance , I also painted the upper porch door too , of course .
As you can see things are just starting to bud , I can not wait for tulips and leaves on trees , they are coming , I know many of you have them already , we are a little behind .

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