Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring cleaning

There are few things more gratifying then a clean organized closet , it can be a BIG job like this one was . This is how it looked after a couple of hours spent sorting and folding and buying $6.00 worth of new hangers from the dollar store , I went with the clean thin metal ones. I installed a new metal rod that I had removed from my closet , I am glad I keep all these sorts of things. I also added a dress area in another part of the closet . My plan is to build in two walk in closets into this room , as this armoire will not provide enough space for the coming years , I should really work on that this summer.

Look at the state that I found it in , unbelievable huh! she did not get the tidy gene, what will the teen years be like ?

I leave you with happy spring island scape.

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