Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm NOT a wait and see kinda girl

I know this is blurry but I still like this shot . This was taken at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto , where Sophie is on a bench that kinda hangs out over a huge atrium , gosh have I mentioned my fear of heights and structural disasters and accidents , oh my .
This journey started over a year and a half ago , when researching a small jumble of blood vessels that had developed on Sophie's lip about 4 years ago , I found that it can be a symptom of a blood vessel condition called HHT along with chronic nose bleeds , which Sophie has had since she was oh under 2 and that are still on going weekly sometimes several times a day and that start with no warning , although strangely I get a sense of one coming , like that is the sixth sense I get , nice!

So after seeing my family doctor and him thinking I had nothing to worry about and seeing an ENT and him being archaic and closed minded , and not even being aware that there is genetic testing for this condition , I kind of dropped it . Until revisiting it later , and learning that I too show a very tell tale symptom , so put my issue with her issues and you can come up with a mystery worth pushing to solve, long wait later yesterday was our day to see the specialist.
Now why push , why not wait and see ?, well because stroke can occur , lung bleeds , so this was not a wait and see for me , but rather let's rule this out .
I was worried the specialist would give me the crazy mother looks , but no not once actually to my surprise he was very concerned with me and testing me , which I had hoped for ,because this is all a genetic issue . So at the leading children's hospital in Toronto I became the patient , I had to get my blood drawn as well as Sophie , she was amazing , she didn't flinch a bit , they use the thinnest needles thankfully and it went very smoothly.
In three weeks we will find out if I have this condition and if Sophie's banked blood will need to be tested . What a day , lots of waiting , but it was a very nice experience. The student doctor that came to see us was from Germany and it was her first day , she was so nice and sweet and I am sure nervous too . All in all a very good day , it feels good to be listened to .
After all the worry Sophie had prior to the appointment she was very brave and poked and checked and touched and questioned and x-rayed too and it wasn't nearly as awful as she had thought it would be .

Loli pops seemed in order .

As well as an early dinner at The Rainforest Cafe.
So now back to reality and a fresh blanket of snow on April 7th how awful is that .

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