Saturday, April 18, 2009

Look at my latest find on Kijiji , $25.00 can you imagine , it is in good shape and I will transform it with my magic paint brush , and then re-sell it .
I went yesterday to my favorite store Homesense to find a lantern for our back deck and found this giant lantern I have been eyeing for 4 months at least , eyeing because it was too much , but now it was in my price range so I scooped it up for $25.00 what a deal. I am going to fill it with candles and it will just glow. Now to decide on a stain color for that deck , and to paint that whole fence deep grey , sounds fun doesn't it ?

I need to put some work into the little playhouse this year too , I was going to do it today but I woke up with such pain in my neck I can barely move. I am going to built Sophie a sort of daybed inside so she can hang out in there this summer . We swept out all the cobwebs and spiders so all I need to do is feel better and then she will have a great little spot to hide away .
Look at the hole my dumb dog has been digging in the "garden" he's driving me crazy .
I also want to make little shutters for the windows and freshen it up a bit , it is such a blessing to have a guest house out back !

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